Honing my wildlife skills

Today was super fun playing in the snow and taking some really fun pics of some beautiful animals!
Hope you enjoy!


Way too long!

Wow, it has been way too long since I have blogged, as well as too long since my last photo taken! LOL

Most of you have followed me through my journey of breast cancer, and it’s funny, I just had no interest in having a photo taken of me since chemo.
Every stage my hair has gone through so far, I have had many complements. And most of you loved my hair when it was about 2 inches long! My “cheek bones”, most of you would say.
So finally, I have given in, and here you go!

As far as my 2 year, 2 month and 5 day remission goes, I am in perfect health! I could not ask for more than that. 🙂 These past 3 weeks, I have seen all of my “dream team” doctors for my 5 to 6 month check ups. Each one has only positive things to say, and all of my tests have come back normal. I’m not quite sure what normal is anymore, but so pleased to be here to follow my dreams and blog for you! LOL
Although, Facebook has taken over as the new blog, but I will try and keep up on here for you with new and exciting photos!

I’ll post some new Boudoir photos I have taken this last month of Denelle and Amiee. 2 Beautiful girls!