Save The Date!

Katie and James are getting married in a few months and they came to me wanting a very simple ‘Save The Date’ photo. With the rain, we decided to come into the studio where it was warm and dry!
Katie has beautiful, sexy legs in her cute red heals so we wanted to show them off!
( I love heals – I have many pairs, but I can’t figure out how to wear them and not have sore, swollen feet! I’m totally open to suggestions on this conundrum. 🙂 )
I’m already booked for their wedding date so I can’t be there, but I wish them lots of love and happiness!


Yesterday’s session with Jared was fun! Jared and I are old neighbors and good friends, so he was the perfect person to have come into the studio to play with light.

He started his first tattoo (ink) at age 16 up to his last around 3 years ago.

This pics are all very serious, but Jared is actually a super funny – fun guy! A great uncle, brother and friend! Ok, sound like I’m pimping him out – LOL, but he is single!

Thanks so much Val for coming over again and getting creative with me! I’m so lucky to have you!

WPPI -Vegas here I come!

Only one week and I’ll be in Vegas at the WPPI! This is one of my favorite times of the year where I get to hang with TONS of photographers and we get to share secrets of the trade and learn from the Pros! So many nice people and an awesome trade show to get the newest and greatest toys!

I especially love the classes. There is so much to learn and my brain is like a camera sponge! So many ideas, concepts and tools to bring my photography to the next level!

Fashion sense with Britta and Val

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – PHOTOGRAPHY IS MY PASSION! I love picking up my camera and making images. Cool images. There isn’t one aspect of photography that I don’t love. Not one genre that I love more than the other. It’s just the creative bone in my body! 😉
This shoot was so much fun. My good friend Val, an awesome photog, came over to my studio and the sky was the limit!
Britta was such a good sport and for 3 hours we just “played”! I love my job!!

My new head – shot. :)

To my new readers who wouldn’t know, I am a breast cancer survivor! And proud of it! 🙂 I have been through so much in my life in the last 7 years and to be a survivor has a lot of meaning to me.
Anyhoo! I have kept my clients and readers up-to-date with my hair! A trivial thing – right? LOL Yes, but when you have long hair down your back for your entire life, and then are forced to shave it bald… it’s an adjustment!
I went through many feelings, mostly not feeling feminine any longer. Of course we all know that short hair on a woman is super sexy and VERY feminine. But for me, missing all that hair was hard. Very hard. I used to be a cosmetologist, and I remember cutting short hair was my favorite. Sexy-stylish-edgy!
My mom would say to me, “What if you just had cut all your hair off”, would it be ok then? The answer? Yes! But being forced to do something that you don’t want to – that you aren’t comfortable with, is not easy.
I look back at the pictures we took of me with 1″ long hair, and 3″ of hair up until this day. It’s amazing how no hair, a little hair and a lot of hair looks so different on one person.
Either way, here I am! Super happy and healthy. 🙂 So having long hair and super short hair, I am feeling most comfortable in my middle-of-the-road hair length now. Before I went through chemo I found a long lost friend whom I used to work with at a salon in Minden. She works here in Reno and she cut most of my hair off before I lost it, and has gone through many haircuts with me since.
It’s funny, hair seems to be such an important thing, but now I realize, IT’S JUST HAIR!! LOL It grows back, so why not have fun with it?!
So I’ll get off my soap box now, but I guess my point is that long, short, or NO hair, we are all hot and sexy mamas!
So here’s my newest pic for my BRAND NEW website coming out very soon! Many of you have already seen this since I put it on FB to see which pic was best for the site.